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Joan Walton

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Joan Walton


Information: Joan Walton, teacher of Ragtime, Social, Tap, and Vintage dance.

Joan Walton has taught classes in Ragtime, 1920s, 1930s, and mid-19th century dance at various Vintage Dance workshops across America, as well as in Australia. Her classes in Ragtime, Jazz Age, Swing Era and 19th Century dance have been seen in Paris and the Czech Republic. The summers have taken her to Newport, Stanford University, and Port Townsend to teach at Vintage Dance Weeks.

Joan Walton’s energetic, focused teaching, theatrical choreographies and morning warmups have become well known to dancers over the years. She has the ability to communicate movement concepts with energy, humor, and interest. A keen observer of learning styles, Joan has an ongoing interest in understanding the many ways that people learn to dance.

As Assistant Director and dancer with Richard Power's Flying Cloud Vintage Dance Troupe for many years, she performed all over the country, as well as on the ABC-TV mini-series North and South. She also performed with Cincinnati's "Shawn Womack's Dance Projects" in The Waltz is Dying.

Joan has taught on the faculties of five universities and leads workshops in Musical Theatre Dance and Tap Dance for colleges, high schools, and community groups across the nation.

She has choreographed more than 80 musical theatre and award-winning opera productions throughout the United States, including productions at the University of Cincinnati's Connege-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre, San Jose State University, and the University of Michigan, and other schools in the midwest. She was a guest artist with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra under the direction of Keith Lockhart, performing Morton Gould's challenging "Tap Dance Concerto."

Along with free-lancing around the country and teaching dance at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, she currently teaches the GE courses Dance in World Cultures and Dance Appreciation at San Jose State University, along with Social Dance, Swing Dance, Waltz, Latin and Tap Dance classes at the College of San Mateo. She has a Master's degree in Dance Education from Stanford University's top-ranked School of Education.

Dances Joan has taught include Castle Walk, Music Maestro Please, Reel of Six, and Shine on Harvest Moon.

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