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World Spring Camp

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World Music and Dance Camp

World Music and Dance Camp logo Website: http://www.worldcamp.us/.

Information: World Music and Dance Camp (known simply as World Camp or World Spring Camp) was founded in 1994 by co-directors Ahmet Lüleçi and Joe Graziosi. Since then, Emily Cohen and Rikki Weaver Nicoale have the position of co-directors alongside Ahmet. The annual camp continues with only the best folk dance teachers and musicians from around the world.

The weekend camp starts Thursday evening, followed by dinner and an evening party. Friday and Saturday are two full days of classes and evening parties. The camp ends on Sunday morning after breakfast.

The camp has bunkhouse-style cabins with porches, electricity, abundant storage space, and interior bathrooms. The site has a lake, swimming pool, and attractive common buildings.

The camp is located in Iroquois Springs near the town of Rock Hill, New York in the Catskill Mountains in September.

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