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Za Ramo

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Information: A dance.

Translation: Shoulder to shoulder

Pronunciation za RAH-mo

Other name: Zaramo

Region: Greek Macedonia

Rhythm: 4 notes over 3 counts in 3-2-2 (S-q-q) occurs in tunes for Za Ramo.

The dance is done in two or more separate lines, men in one line and women in the other. It consists of an almost a Greek Hasaposerviko-type movement at the beginning, which is the slow part. The men start out with the right foot, put the left one behind the right, move the right to the side, then lift the left leg, then lift the right leg. The women do the same, but instead of lifting the leg, they step to the side, and then step forward. Then when the transition from fast to slow happens, both men and women step with the right foot, put the left behind, then step in place three times to the side, and three times forward. The dance is performed moving to the right.


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