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Götz Zinser

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Götz Zinser


Information: Götz Zinser, teacher of German dance.

Götz Zinser comes from Baden-Würtenberg in southwestern Germany, near Stuttgart, on the edge of the Black Forest. He teaches traditional dances from all over Germany, specializing in dances from South Germany, as well as Bavarian dances. He also teaches German sword-dance and flag-swinging.

Götz has been dancing and teaching folk dance for the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sing-, Tanz- und Spielkreise" for over 40 years, and is currently the director. For the many years has been leading a folk dance week in Germany. He also teaches various seminars to educate and train folk dance leaders.

In his professional life, Götz owns his own forge and mechanic shop.

Götz teaches with his wife, Gabi.

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