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Jessaiah Zuré

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Jessaiah Zuré


Information: Jessaiah Zuré, teacher of Turkish dance.

In 2002, Jessaiah Zuré made her first trip to Turkey. She studied with now legendary Reyhan Tusuz, in her mahalle (neighborhood) of Gaziosmanpasa, in İstanbul, Turkey.

Jessaiah has performed throughout the world, and has taught workshops, private gatherings, international and national workshops, and at dance camps since 2006.

She has danced with such star musicians as Selim Sesler, Brenna McCrimmon, Rumen Sali Shopov, and many many others, and has made a name for herself in this genre of dance.

Jessaiah dances and teaches the Turkish dance form authentically and beautifully. Because of this, she has been invited to teach at East Coast Balkan Camp. Dalia Carella in New York City hosted a workshop for her.

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