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Ajde Jano

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Information: A dance.

Anatol Joukkowsky Ajde Jano was published in 1928 by V. Gorgevich and first presented in the United States by Anatol Joukowsky in 1957.

Translation: Come, Jana

Pronunciation: EYE-deh YA-no

Other names: 'Ajde Jano, Hajde Jano, Ayde Yano

Region: This dance is from the Kosmet (Kosovo-Metohija), a country in the Balkans.

Meter: 7/8. Like many dances of the Balkans, the music is 7/8 meter, counted 1 (slow), 2 (quick), 3 (quick); sometimes counted 1 (slow), 2 (slower). The dance takes 5 bars but the music takes 16 bars, so you will seldom be dancing with the musical phrase.

Formation: Broken circle, leader at R end. Hands joined and down. In parts of Serbia, free hands (at ends of lines) are frequently held as clenched fists behind the back: a gesture of defiance of Turkish rule, but not too obvious. In this dance, you may want to keep free hands hanging loosely at sides and move them parallel to non-free hands. Face slightly to R.

Steps These walking steps are in typical Serbian style: "soft", flexible knees, weight off the heels, and erect carriage.


1-4 Stand there and get used to the asymmetrical rhythm.
    The Dance.
1 Walk forward to R onto: R ft, L ft (cts 1,2).
2 Walk forward to R onto: R ft, L ft, R ft (cts 1,2,3).
3 Face center and step toward center onto L ft (ct 1), lift L heel and raise R leg with R knee bent (ct 2). Raise joined hands to shoulder height during bar 3.
4 Step toward center in front of L ft onto R ft (ct 1), touch L toe in front of R ft, rotating L leg outward a bit (ct 2). Lower joined hands slowly during bar 4 to parallel L leg. Bend forward slightly.
5 Walk backward out of circle 2 steps onto: L ft, R ft (cts 1,2), step beside R ft onto L ft (ct 3). Bring hands back to starting position and resume erect carriage.
  Repeat entire dance from beginning.


'Ajde Jano kolo da igramo,
// 'ajde Jano, 'ajde dušo, kolo da igramo. //

'Ajde Jano konja da prodamo,
'ajde Jano, 'ajde dušo, konja da prodamo,
'ajde Jano, 'ajde dušo, kucu da prodamo

Da prodamo samo da igramo,
// da prodamo, Jano dušo, samo da igramo. //


Come Jana, come dear
We shall dance the kolo.

Come Jana, come dear,
We shall sell the horse,
We shall sell the house.

We shall sell, Jana dear,
Everything to dance.



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