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Information: a region.

The Balkans, also known as the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in southeastern Europe with various definitions and meanings, including geopolitical and historical. The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch throughout the whole of Bulgaria from the Serbian-Bulgarian border to the Black Sea coast. The Balkan Peninsula is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the northwest, the Ionian Sea on the southwest, the Aegean Sea in the south and southeast, and the Black Sea on the east and northeast. Its northern boundary is often given as the Danube, Sava, and Kupa Rivers.

Languages: The Balkan region today is a very diverse ethno-linguistic region, being home to multiple Slavic and Romance languages, as well as Albanian, Greek, Turkish, and others. Romani is spoken by a large portion of the Romanis living throughout the Balkan countries.

Religions: The region is a meeting point of Orthodox Christianity, Islam, and Roman Catholic Christianity.



  1. Albania
  2. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Croatia,
  5. Kosovo-Metohija
  6. Greece
  7. Macedonia
  8. Moldova
  9. Montenegro
  10. Romania
  11. Serbia
  12. Slovenia
  13. Turkey
  14. Vlachia

  15. Yugoslavia


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