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Ali Pasha
By Ron Houston

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Ron Houston


Information: Ali being a common name (the name of Mohammed's son-in-law) and pasha being a common title in the Ottoman empire, numerous individuals went by the name Ali Pasha. The Encyclopedia of Islam lists thirteen, eleven being Grand Viziers, one being Governor of Yanya, and one being an Egyptian Statesman. Lord Kinross mentions five, four being Grand Viziers, in The Ottoman Centuries.

1. The Ali Pasha of the Turkish popular song to which a dance was set.

Ali Pasha of Van, a military and possibly civil administrator of Van, a city, lake, and region in eastern Anatolia, who died by an assassin's bullet, possibly in connection with a mutiny. This Ali Pasha seems to be the most likely candidate for the memorial song to which Bora Özkök composed the dance Ali Paşa.

Reference: Turkish Folk Music Archive Number 398, Ali Pasha. Collector: M. Sarisozen, Region: Van.

2. Ali Pasha Tepedelenlı (Ali Paşa Tepelenë) – Ali Pasha the Lion from Tepelenë – (1744-1822) of Yannina half-Turkish, half-Albanian, Ottoman governor of Yanya (Yannina in English, Ioannina in Greek) during the late 18th to early 19th centuries, died fighting an order of execution from Sultan Mahmud II. Said by the Encyclopedia of Islam to have harmed the Ottoman Empire more than any other person due to his facilitating the Greek Revolution.





The other Ali Pasha personages from the Encyclopedia of Islam (all quotations from the Encyclopedia of Islam).


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