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Aromanian Language

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Aromanian Language book

Four languages split from a Latin prototype centuries ago, perhaps in the 4th century CE, although Romanian nationalists feel the four languages demonstrate a once-larger Romania.

Vlakhika is Greek and is derived from the name of the Romanian region Wallachia (Arumâna in Romanian).

  1. Aromanian occurs in Epirus and Macedonia (Greece), around Lake Ohrid (Albania), and around Cupa and Livez (Macedonia).
  2. Meglenoromanian occurs in a small area northeast of the larger Aromanian area, in the towns Sirminina, Cainsco, Hume, Lundzin, Birslov, Ninta, Oshani, Liumnitsa, Tirnareca, and Barovitsa, between Thessaloniki and Skopje along the Axios/Vardar River valley.
  3. Istroromanian occurs on and near the Adriatic peninsula of Istria, west of Zagreb.
  4. Dacoromanian we now call Romanian.

Other Names: Aramaic; Vlakhika.



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