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Vlachs map Information: A culture and a region (Vlachia).

Vlachs, also Wallachians (and many other variants), is a historical term from the Middle Ages that designates a name that foreigners use, mostly for the Romanians who lived north and south of the Danube.

As a contemporary term, in the English language, the Vlachs are the Eastern Romance-speaking peoples who live south of the Danube in what are now eastern Serbia, southern Albania, northern Greece, Macedonia, and southwestern Bulgaria as indigenous ethnic groups.

Translation: The name derives from the Aromanians or Vlachs, an ethnic group that lives in several mountainous areas of the Balkans (Vlachia).

Region: Balkan Peninsula, south of the Danube, in Europe. See also Wallachia, Romania.

Language: Aromanian, a Romance language


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