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Balkan Music and Dance Camps

East European Folklife Center logo Website: https://eefc.org/balkan-camp/all-about-camp/.

Information: Celebrate Balkan music and dance at one of the week-long camps offered in the redwood forests of Northern California and the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Each week is packed with classes all day (instrument, ensemble, dance, singing) and live-music dance parties all night. Families are welcome, as well as beginners with no previous experience. Unforgettable fun for everyone.

The Balkan Music & Dance Workshops provide music, singing, and dance instruction with professional instructors. The workshops create a village feeling for a week each summer, and allow Balkan music and dance enthusiasts, young and old, to share ideas and experiences.

The Balkan Music & Dance Workshops offer a unique opportunity for you to join in a celebration of music, dance and traditions – folk music and dance of Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosova, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey – an enjoyable learning experience in an informal and supportive atmosphere.

Our greatest asset is the extraordinary talent and experience gathered in one place – our teachers. At each workshop, more than 25 qualified Balkan musicians, dance teachers, and scholars from North America and abroad provide expertise and encouragement to about 150 students. Many staff members grew up with traditional music and dance in Europe or North America, while others learned from ethnic performers here and abroad.

The camps are projects of the East European Folklife Center.

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