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Information: The East European Folklife Center (EEFC) was established in 1982 through the love and dedication of a core group of musician and dancers. Today, this ever-growing and expanding organization brings together an inclusive, celebratory, and welcoming global community of passionate amateurs and professionals, to respectfully share the richness and complexity of Balkan music, dance, and cultures.

The EEFC sponsors the annual Balkan Music and Dance Workshops.

The organization is governed by an all volunteer board and is run by two year-round part-time staff members, volunteer committee members, and a host of full- and part-time paid and work-exchange workshop staff.

EEFC news, announcements and other information, like board meeting notes and reports, are posted in the EEFC News & Notes section of their website. Subscribing to their e-list, joining the listserv, and following the EEFC on Facebook, in addition to checking their website, are good ways to stay informed.


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