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Bosnia: Echoes from an
Endangered World

By Ted Levin and Ankica Petrović

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Anika Petrović Ted Levin


Information: a compact disk.

Bosnia: Echoes from an endangered world, Smithsonian Folkways, SF 40407.

Echoes From an Endancgered World LINER NOTES

This compact disk was made by Ted Levin of Dartmouth College, Dartmouth, New Hampshire and Ankica Petrović. Most of the musicians in the CD are silenced; they are either dead, wounded, displaced or their fate is unknown. The royalties from this CD goes to the support of Bosnia.

Although the central theme of the CD is the Turkish influence on the music of Bosnia, it is clear that the rural areas of Bosnia are less influenced by Turkish music.

The first song is from Sarajevo (Saray is Seraglio), highly modernized version of a Sufi dervish song. Saz is used in three sevdalika (love) songs. Davul/zurna music indicates Turkish influence, including the military mehter band. Kasim Masic sings the ezan (call for prayer) in makam hicaz. There are also the collective ceremonial chanting of two orders of Sufi dervishes. Two pieces of gonga, a controversial music of livestock breeders and farmers in mountainous regions, having a polyphonic texture are sung with intensity. A bedacarac, a secular mountain polyphonic music influenced by western Europe, sung by two shepherdesses and recorded by Mirjana Lausević is included.


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