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Camp Hess Kramer

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Camp Hess Kramer 2013

Information: A California Folk Dance camp (1971-2017). Camp Hess Kramer logo

Camp Hess Kramer was founded in 1971. The original committee was Beverly & Irwin Barr, Ed & Perle Feldman, Wes Perkins, and Gloria Harris. Beverly was the director and Jean Pixler received registrations. After Ed & Perle were no longer able to attend the camp, they were fortunate to have Bob & Gerri Alexander join the committee and later Gordon & Carol Wall joined them. They then lost Gloria Harris, who passed away too soon.

The ideas and goals for the camp were to have an affordable and fun folk dance workshop weekend, with good teachers bringing material from various camps and workshops. It was held at Camp Hess Kramer in Malibu, California. The camp's facilities were for adults only.

The camp had four types of accommodations, therefore, attendees had their choice based on their desires and their budget.

Because of a devastating fire at Camp Hess Kramer, the camp could no longer be held there and the camp closed its doors!

In January of 2018, Camp Hess Kramer was renamed "Beverly & Irwin Barr Folk Dance Camp at Hess-Kramer" under the direction of Marc and Jan Rayman On March 23, 2019, the name was changed to "Folk Dance Camp in Honor of Beverly & Irwin Barr." Then the camp was renamed "Fall Folk Dance Camp" and later simply as "Fall Camp."


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