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Gordon Engler

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Gordon Engler


Information: Gordon "Gordy" Engler, teacher of Balkan dance.

Gordy was in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Dick Crum saw him dancing. Later, he was based in California. He could be seen dancing with the Cabrillo Folk Dancers in San Diego.

He was a member of the Gandy Dancers and the Yosemite Workshop Dancers of Los Angeles that was led by Don and Lyn Landauer.

Gordy and Dick Crum wrote the "Hungarian Waltz Quadrille" which appeared in a spoof edition of the Pioneer Press, edited by Ralph Page for the Mainewoods Dance Camp in 1962. Gordy and Dick wrote take-offs on every section of the Pioneer Press, then substituted their own mimeographed versions for the originals that everyone found at their tables at breakfast!

Gordy produced the 1958 Kolo Festival show.

Gordon Engler passed away in December, 2005.

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