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Information: A dance.

According to "Jews are a Dancing People," Finjan is an Israeli waltz.

In the life of the Jew there was, and is, but one type of poverty–spritual and intellectual poverty. To the Jews who meet over a "glassel" of tea, or over the "Finjan," Aramaic (a Semitic language) the word for coffeepot, and exchange ideas and discuss Torah (Jewish book of teaching and law) was rich in all that really matters. The intellect being one thing that no one can ever confisticate nor distroy.

Rhythmically, the dance Finjan depicts the gracious hospitality and spiritual exchange of thoughts and ideals, plus their progressive passing on one person to another.

Translation: Coffeepot

Pronunciation: FEEN-jahn

Region: Israel

Record: Arzi (R 313-1)

Formation: Couple, girl standing to the right side of boy. Both facing CCW, arms criss-crossed in back, boy holds girl's L hand in his L hand. His R arm around girl's waist, R hand holding girl's R hand.


1.   Figure 1.
1-8 Both use same ft. R ft crosses in front of L and alittle to back (making a circular pattern).
Step back on L ft, step on R ft in place, then L ft crosses in front of R and a little to back (making a circular pattern).
Step back on R ft, step on L ft in place.
Finishing with: Cross R ft in front of L, Cross L ft in front of R, step to the R side with R ft, Close with L ft.
Repeat all above 3 more times.

Except on the 4th repeat girl turns to her R on the finish pattern with:
Stepping R-L-R. Pause.
Placing her R forearm on boy's R forearm. Not quite face to face but a little more to her L side.
2.   Figure 2.
1-8 Both using same ft.
Girl steps back on R ft (boy fwd).
Two quick steps in place L-R.
Girsl steps fwd on L ft (boy back).
Two quick steps in plae R-L.
(Forearms rocking with the movement, L hands free.)
Then girl takes 6 quick running steps backward, starting with R ft (boy runs fwd).

Repeat with a reversal of pattern: Boy now rocks back on R ft, fwd and take 6 quick running steps back, etc., as the gir just did.
Then linking R arms, spread cris-crssed arms across backs.
Girl bends L arms in back ready to receive boy's R hand.
Boy bends L arm in back to receive girl's R hand (this is done quickly).

3.   Figure 3.
1-8 Arms now criss-crossed in back.
Both starting with R ft, turn CW with small quick waltz steps, making two complete turns.
The second time the boy comes back to his original position (his left shldr pointing toward the "pivotal point) and holds his position and dances in place while;
Boy releases girl's L hand, bringing the girl around in front of him (caution, boy not to raise his L arm) holdinhg his R arm fwd ready to:
Do a quick reverse turn CCW, boy's R arm around girl's waist, holding her L hand in front of themselves.
Girl progresses fwd to next boy with 4 quick waltz steps, while boy, starting with R ft, waltzes in place, slightly turning to his R, ready to receive his new partner and criss-cross arms.

Thus he gets a new partner each time the dance is repeated.


Haru-ach noshevet k'rira
Nosifa kesam lamdura
Vechach bizro-ot argaman
B'esh ye-aleh ke korban
Ha-esh me-havhevet, shira melavlevet
Sovev lo, sovev ha-finjan
La la la . . .
  The wind is so cool in the night
The logs on the fire are bright
And sparks all a-dancing arise
A-shining like stars in the skies
The singing is hearty and soon through the party
Around and around goes the coffeepot
La la la . . .


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