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Holiday Camp

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Holiday Camp

Holiday Camp logo Information: A folk dance camp (1976-1981).

Holiday Camp was created by Dick Oakes and Diki Shields. The idea for this shindig was born not out of a need for another folk dance camp in Southern California but out of a need by a couple of folk dance teachers to have a good time for a week over the New Year's holiday.

At the first planning session, it was decided that a descriptive name was needed for the camp. Dick remembered a workshop many years before in San Diego that Dolina Cygany, an ensemble group he had performed with while in the Navy, had put on at New Years. The weekend camp near Alpine was called Holiday Camp with headline teachers being Elsie Dunin, Stan Dunin, and John Hancock (Dolina Cygany's director). Dick had done a mimeographed flyer for the camp using Old English lettering. The name and lettering style seemed like great carryovers for their new effort.

Diki drove the mountains northwest of San Bernardino and found the perfect place for their venture. In 1976, Diki and Dick's first Holiday Camp became a reality.

The camp was held at Pilgrim Pines, just east of the village of Oak Glen, California. In 1982, Pilgrim Pines was not available over New Years, so Diki and Dick planned a Holiday Weekend from December 7 to December 9 in Idyllwild.


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