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Information: A dance.

Region: American Round Dance

Formation: Partners in a circle.


  1. All join hands and into the middle
  2. With your big feet keep time to the fiddle
  3. When you get back remember the call
  4. Swing with your corner and promenade all


  1. All walk 4 steps into the middle
  2. All stamp feet 4 times
  3. All walk backward 4 steps away from the middle
  4. Swing your corner once around and promenade for 16 cts.


I marched from Kil’kenny, and, as I was thinking
On Shelah, my heart in my bosom was sinking,
But soon I was forced to look fresh as a daisy,
For fear of a drubbing from Corporal Casey.
Och! rub a dub, row de dow, Corporal Casey!
The devil go with him, I ne’er could be lazy,
He struck my shirts so, ould Corporal Casey.

We went into battle, I took the blows fairly
That fell on my pate, but they bothered me rarely,
And who should the first be that dropped, why, and please ye,
It was my good friend, honest Corporal Casey.
Och! rub a dub, row de dow, Corporal Casey!
Thinks I you are quiet, and I shall be aisey,
So eight years I fought without Corporal Casey.


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