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Mark Levy

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Mark Levy


Information: Mark Levy, musician.

Mark Levy Mark is an accomplished performer and teacher of Balkan folk music, specializing in the gaida, clarinet, zurla, and other wind instruments.

He created the first week-long Balkan Music & Dance Workshop in 1974, and co-founded the East European Folklife Center in the early 1980s. He recently retired from the faculty of the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, where he taught courses in ethnomusicology, coordinated a world music concert series, and directed the University of Oregon's East European Folk Music Ensemble.

Mark has made numerous trips to the Balkans (especially Bulgaria and Macedonia), and has performed clarinet, Thracian, Rhodope, Macedonian, and Serbian gaida, and other aerophones with AMAN Folk Ensemble, Pitu Guli, The Balkantones, Slavej, and Kef.


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