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Moj Maro, moj Marinë

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Steve Kotansky Information: A dance.

The dance is Steve Kotansky's arrangement to fit this popular song.

Translation: A girl's name, Maro and Marinë

Pronunciation: moy MAHR-oh, moy MAHR-ee-neh

Other name: Moj Marinë, Moj Maro

Region: These are traditional dance steps and forms from the Kolonje region of Southern Albania.

Meter: 6/8

Formation: Line or broken circle with a close hand and forearm hand hold.

Steps and Style: Generally, the forward steps move more to the right, while the backward steps move out from the centre, so that the circle moves to the right.

Moj Maro, moj Marin has a swaying effect in keeping with the music, so that the whole line sways forward and back together when they're in sync.

–Jeremy Hull, Winnipeg


1.   Singing
1 Walk R line of direction or diagonal to R (cts 1-3), L (counts 4-6).
2 Walk R towards centre (cts 1-2), L next to R (ct. 3), back R out from centre (cts. 4-6).
3 Step back L (cts 1-2), R next to L (ct. 3), L forward (cts. 4-6).
4 Step R to R side (cts. 1-3), step L behind R (cts. 4-6).
  Repeat until music changes.
2.   Instrumental
1 Walk R (cts 1-2), L next to R (ct. 3), R back (cts. 4-6).
2 L back (cts 1-2), R next to L (ct. 3), L back (cts. 4-6).
3-4 Repeat 1-2.


// Ku e ka Maro-a shtëpinë? Moj Maro, moj Mari. //
O tek porta me llamarinë. Moj Maro, moj Mari.
      Tek porta me llamarinë. Moj Maro, moj Mari.
Po c’janë ata që vejnë e vijnë. Moj Maro, moj Mari?
      C’janë ata që vejnë e vijnë. Moj Maro, moj Mari?
// Duan të prishin krushqinë. Moj Maro, moj Mari. //
// Krushqinë s’e prishin dotë. Moj Maro, moj Mari. //
// O se kemi miqësi të fortë. Moj Maro, moj Mari. //
  Which is Maro’s house? Hey Mary (girl’s name), hey Mari (boy’s name)
The one with the tin gate.

Who are those coming and going?

Ones wanting to break our (family) alliance.
But they can’t break the alliance.
Because our families are strongly connected.


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