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Moja diridika

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Information: A song.

Emil Cosetto's Moja Diridika is based on an older much simpler song. Either Njikos or Ivancan documented it as an 8-bar song with each verse repeated. Amateur students sing it as a choral piece in Croatia. American-Croatian folk ensembles made up a dances for it. When any Croatian dance has any more that two parts, it's not old. With three parts, it's relatively new. With four AND an SATB score (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass), it's REALLY NEW.

Translation: My sweetheart

Pronunciation: MOH-yah dee-ree-DEE-kah

Region: United States / Croatia


Recordings and transcriptions have four verses

Moja dika ore na volove,
A ja igram i pjevam/pivam za njime.
Mene dika zove večerati.
Hvala/Fala, diko, ja sam večerala.

My sweetheart is plowing with oxen,
And I dance and sing after him.
Sweetheart invites me to dinner.
Thank you, sweetheart, I have eaten.

Some transcriptions have:

Bela bela hleba/'leba i žuta pasulja.

The white and yellow beetles.

The MIT Folkdance Club Songbook (5/2/1996) has

Pa me, pa me nešto po trbuvu žulja,
Dva krumpira za lukom mašira

But something in my belly pinches,
Two potatoes and a scallion.


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