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Morry Gelman Information: A dance family.

There are over 85 Groups (Vereine) in North America, and perhaps 800 in Europe (mostly Bavaria) organized to perform these dances, which are steeped in tradition and the culture of the region. The purpose of these groups is to preserve regional variations in these dances, costumes, music, language dialect, and song.

Translation: Shoe-slapping dance

Pronunciation: SHOOH-plaht-ler

Region: Bavaria Germany, Austria, and possibly other Alpine regions.

Note: Do not confuse Watschenplattler (smacking-slapping) with Schuhplattler. Watschenplattler are aberrations of the original Schuhplattler, derived by well-meaning but misguided individuals for pleasing/entertaining tourists. They are not "Echt" (true) to the "Heimat" (homeland).


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