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Staro oro

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Pece Atanasovski Information: A dance.

Translation: Old dance

Pronunciation: STAH-ro Oh-ro

Other name: Staro Makedonsko oro by Atanas Kolarovski, to the same music, has three distinct figures signaled by the leader and an 8 measure structure: 4 traveling to R and 4 in place.

Source: Pece Atanasovski: Instructions by Susan di Stefano, Steve Kotansky, Bob Leibman, Larry Weiner, and Jane Wyman (Otesevo 1979). The authors say they learned the dance directly from Pece.

Region: Macedonia, Pelagonia, south of Prilep (Pece's 1982 camp), Pece's home village of Dolneni (some instructions), or Povardarje – Steve Kotansky.

Meter: 8/4

Rhythm: S-q-S or q-S-S-q-S

Basic step: Čukče or hammer (raise and lower heel) – wt on L to begin, čukče R, čukče L R and reverse footwork.

Formation: Hands joined at sides, or hands joined and elbows bent to raise joined hands shoulder-high, or Kotansky says hands on neighbors' near shoulders.

Note: Several variations, especially ad libbed by the leader.

Structure: 8-bar dance pattern.
2 bars to R, 1 in place, 2 bars to L (but not so far), 3 bars in place.

Two instructions give the structure as a 10-bar pattern:
2 bars to R, 3 bars in place, 2 bars to L, 3 in place.


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