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Bob Sumrall

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Bob Sumrall


Information: Virgil Giles "Bob" Sumrall, square dance and round dance caller and choreographer.

Bob was a compiler of books about round dance, folk dance, and west Texas squares.

Bob played the guitar at hoe-downs and one night they seemed to be without a caller. As hehad seen quitea bit of square dancing and happened to remember a few calls, he volunteered and became the caller for the evening. From then on, instead of being a musician at the dances, he became a Square Dance caller.

Bob organized his first square dance team in the fall of 1938 to put on an exhibition at the West Texas Fair in Abilene. After the exhibition, they decided to keep the set for exhibition purposes.

Bob recived so many requests to call, to teach, and to repeat particular figures, that he published a book series entitled Do-Si-Do.


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