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Tsveta moma ubava

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Information: A song.

Translation: Flowers mom beautiful

Pronunciation: TSEV-tah MOH-mah oo-BAH-vah

Source: One of Tsenerich's anthologies from former Yugoslavia.

Region: Macedonia

Notes: The vertical length of the note is the time-weight of the note in eighths. All notes are stem-upward. A rest is notated by "r" with the same time weight convention as for notes.

Melnik – a dance by Jaap Leegwater to this tune.


Tsveta Moma Ubava

Translation summary

Forlorn fair maid Tsveta is crying and asking Dimčo why he does not come to see her, appealing again for another reconfirmation of his faithfulness. The cute part is something about putting his cap (fesche = little fez, which is sometimes capche) down and up and looking at each other. Somehow this suggests to me one of those standard Balkan Romeo-and-Juliet scenes with Romeo in the alley looking up and Juliet on a balcony (chardak) or at a latticed window (pendzher) looking down. I think that is why the cap is playing such a pivotal role here.

Michael Kuharski


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