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Steve Kotansky Information: A dance

Steve Kotansky taught this dance at the Mendocino Balkan Camp in 2002. It is an arrangement of two different versions of the more common dance Beranče, set to fit this particular piece of music.

Beranče is done widely in Greek Macedonia, Macedonia, and Albania.

Translation: A boy's name

Pronunciation: zhi-mi-zhi

Other names: Beranče, Nesho

Region: Albania

Meter: 12/8

Rhythm: 3-2-2-3-2 (S-q-q-S-q)


  None, or wait through the instrumental portion and start with Fig 2.
1.   Instrumental
1 Lift R approximately in front of L (ct 1); lift R to R (ct 2); step R to R (ct 3); step L next to R (ct 4); step R to R (ct 5).
2 Step L across in front of R (ct 1); lift R slightly (ct 2); step R to R (ct 3); step L in front of R (ct 4); rock back onto R in place (ct 5).
3-4 Repeat action of Meas 1-2 to L, facing slightly L, with opp ftwk.
2.   Singing
1 Repeat action of Fig 1, Meas 1.
2 Repeat action of Fig 1, Meas 2, except face ctr as you rock back on R.
3 Swing L fwd in a relaxed straight-leg kick (ct 1); step L slightly L of R (ct 2); hold (ct 3); stepl R close to L (ct 4); hold, taking wt on R (ct 5).
4 Swing L as in Meas 3 (ct 1); step L to L (ct 2); hold (ct 3); step R in back of L, turning body to R (ct 4); step L in place, turning to face ctr (ct 5).
5 Swing R in front of L, barely above ground (ct 1); swing R slightly R, barely above ground (ct 2); hold (ct 3); step R in back of L, turning body R (ct 4); step L in place, turning to face ctr (ct 5).
6 Repeat action of Meas 5.
  Repeat entire dance from beginning.
Note: When this tune is played by live bands, this dance is NOT common, as bands will often combine this song with other Berančes, and Xhimixhi was specifically choreographed to this piece of music. Usually, a plain vanilla Beranče is done instead.


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