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Information: Producers of sound recordings.

Jugoton was the largest record label and chain record store in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia based in Zagreb, Croatia. During several decades of its successful existence, Jugoton signed many eminent ex-Yugoslav artists.

Jugoton was formed in 1947. It is notable for releasing some of the most important former Yugoslav folk dance records. In addition, the company owned a widespread network of record shops across SFR Yugoslavia. Jugoton was the largest record label and chain record store in the former SFR Yugoslavia.

Croatia Records After the process of dissolution of Yugoslavia began, the company changed its name to Croatia Records in 1990. Today, Croatia Records claims to have 70% share of the Croatian music market and has more than 30 record stores. Being a continuation of Jugoton, from which it inherited a comprehensive audio and video collection, Croatia Records is also active in re-releasing numerous digitally remastered former Yugoslav titles.

The major labels in Serbia and Slovenia such as PGP RTB and ZKP RTLJ were renamed to PGP-RTS and ZKP RTVS respectively. The company was inherited by the now-independent Republic of Croatia and since the previous economic system was abandoned, it was privatized.



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