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Mendocino Folklore Camp

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Mendocino Folklore Camp

Information: A Folk Dance camp (1962-2019).

Madelynne Greene Mendocino Folklore Camp in northern California began as a weekend in the town of Mendocino in 1962, followed the next year with a full week in town. Madelynne Greene, the founder, had taught at Maine Folk Dance Camp that year and decided with C. Stewart Smith to try a West Coast camp. She wanted it to have a woodsy setting, much like Maine Folk Dance Camp, and to also be a place where not only international folk dances were presented, but where music, customs, folklore, and ethnic foods set the scene for a truly unique experience.

Two years later Madelynne moved the camp to the Mendocino Woodlands and it flourished under her creative direction as The Madelynne Greene Folklore Camp. In 1970, Madelynne's death left the camp in the care of C. Stewart Smith, Gordon Engler, and Nora Hughes and they managed the camp that year and the next. Then Honora Clark organized a group to continue the camp. In 1972, she, Dean & Nancy Linscott, and Joan & Dale Donleavy became directors of the Mendocino Folklore Camp. Under their dedicated leadership, Folklore Camp and the Woodlands saw growth and improvement in every possible way.

The directors evolved through the years, and included wonderfully dedicated people, such as, Leon Pinsker, Knute Fisher, Bev Mann, Jeff O’Connor, Marilyn Smith, Mary Korn, Mark Wegner, Sharon Fisher, Debbie Evenich, Phylis Tobler, Dave & Emma Charlebois, Wendy Zukas, Jay Michtom, Billy & Susie Burke, and Daniel Tuutau.

Mendocino Folklore Camp held its 57th "Grand Final Year" from June 15 to 22, 2019.


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