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Monenegro Information: A country.

Montenegro is a country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north; Serbia and the disputed territory of Kosovo to the east; Albania to the south and Croatia to the west.

Since 1990, the country has been governed by the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro and its minor coalition partners.

In April 1941, Nazi Germany, the Kingdom of Italy, and other Axis allies attacked and occupied the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Italian forces occupied Montenegro and established it as a puppet Kingdom of Montenegro. The first armed uprising in Nazi-occupied Europe happened on July 13, 1941 in Montenegro. Montenegro, like the rest of Yugoslavia, was liberated by the Yugoslav Partisans in 1944.

On June 3, 2006, the Montenegrin Parliament declared the independence of Montenegro from Serbia.

Other name: Crna Gora: the name derives from Venetian and translates to "Black Mountain," deriving from the appearance of Mount Lovćen when covered in dense evergreen forests.

National Dance: Zetsko Kolo

Location: Balkans

Languages: Montenegrin, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian

Religions: Predominantly Orthodox Christian, Muslim


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