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San Diego State 
Folk Dance Conference 1984

San Diego logo Information: A Folk Dance camp (1969-1987).

The San Diego State University Folk Dance Conference had its beginnings as a transfer from the Santa Barbara Folk Dance Conference.

The director, Valerie Staigh, stayed with the change and was a superb director until its end.


  1. 1969 – Andor Czompo, Shalom Hermon, Madelynne Greene, Atanas Kolarovski, Vilma Matchette, Dick Oakes, Emilio Pulido, Maria Reisch, Danni Dassa, Bill Pillich.
  2. 1970 – Tom Bozigian, Andor Czompo, Dani Dassa, Anthony Ivancich, Yves Moreau, Bill Pillich, C. Stewart Smith, Ingvar Sodal.
  3. 1971 – Tom Bozigian, Vincent Evanchuk, Jerry Helt, Athan Karras, Atanas Kolarovski, Morley Leyton, Bora Özkök, Bill Pillich, Ingvar Sodal.
  4. 1972 – Tom Bozigian, Andor Czompo, Dani Dassa, Elsie Dunin, Robin Evanchuk, Vincent Evanchuk, Jerry Helt, Yves Moreau, Bora Özkök.
  5. 1973 – Dick Crum, Mihai David, Jerry Helt, Morley Leyton, Jerry McCulloch, Bora Özkök, Bernardo Pedere, Ingvar Sodal.
  6. 1974 – Tom Bozigian, Dick Crum, Andor Czompo, Mihai David, Jerry Helt, David Henry, Anthony Ivancich, C. Stewart Smith.
  7. 1975 – Dick Crum, Germain & Louise Hébert, Jerry Helt, David Henry, Atanas Kolarovski, Una O'Farrell, Bora Özkök, Ingvar Sodal.
  8. 1976 – Andor Czompo, Bora Gajicki, Moshiko Halevy, Jerry Helt, Ron Wixman, James Lomath, Paula Luv.
  9. 1977 – Sunni Bloland, Ada Dziewanowska, Moshiko Halevy, Jerry Helt, James Lomath, Atanas Kolarovski, Melissa Miller, Yves Moreau.
  10. 1978 – Andor & Ann Czompo, Ciga Despotović, Vincent Evanchuk, Bora Gajicki, Moshiko Halevy.
  11. 1979 – František Bonuš, Ciga Despotović, Ada Dziewanowska, Jerry Helt, Bora Özköok, Ted Sofios, C. Stewart Smith, Chang Ching-San & Chen Fang-Chih, Ciga Despotović, Moshiko Halevy, .
  12. 1980 – Sunni Bloland, Chang Ching-San, Jerry Helt, Anthony Ivancich, Atanas Kolarovski, Gordon Tracie.
  13. 1981 – Ada Dziewanowska, Morry Gelman, Jerry Helt, Stephen Kotansky, Bora Özkök, Ted Sofios, George Tomov, Jeff O'Conner.
  14. 1982 – Sunni Bloland, Dani Dassa, Morry Gelman, Jerry Helt, Kalman & Judith Magyar, Marcus Moskoff, George Tomov, Elinor Vandegrift.
  15. 1983 – Tom Bozigian, Ciga Despotović, Ya'akov Eden, Jerry Helt, Athan Karras, Ingvar Sodal.
  16. 1984 – Jerry Helt, Ercüment Kılıç, Martin Koenig, Stephen Kotansky, Jaap Leegwater, Morley Leyton & Monique Legaré, Elinor Vandegrift.
  17. 1985 – Sunni Bloland, Ya'akov Eden, Bora Gajicki, Germain & Louise Hébert, Jerry Helt, Yves Moreau.
  18. 1986 – Tom Bozigian, Dani Dassa, Jerry Helt, James LaVita, Yves Moreau.
  19. 1987 – Jerry Helt, Nicolaas Hilferink, Jaap Leegwater, Eleanor Vandegrift, Israel Yakovee.


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